Almost all marketing statistics point to VIDEO as the most effective way to reach your prospective clientele. After all it is a medium which can be used in so many ways. Every video you make can be posted across all of your Social Media platforms, embedded on your website and maybe even used in your television advertising.

Once you've made that decision to make video a piece of your marketing plan...how do you make it happen?  If you can't shoot, edit, produce and launch the videos yourself...who do you turn to?  How do you choose your marketing video partner?  In today's blog post we give you a few tips and give you the secret to finding the perfect video production partner.

A Production Company who KNOWS Video, to be effective, make your video educational.
A well rounded, versatile video partner is key.

There are 4 Main stages of a video project:

1. Pre-Production 
2. Production 
4. Deployment

You need experts each step of the way.

Start to work with a strong creative talent pool! Look for concept developers and script writers who know how to write an engaging story that is relative and informative. Make sure they have all the gear to produce a quality video. A quality video production requires a wide range of gear.

People need ever changing visual stimuli. A variety of shots are needed. Real professionals shoot with several cameras on set to provide angles that are visually dynamic. The people doing the creative shots are even more important to have! Experience can make or break a job and can determine if it will get it done on time, and on or under budget.

Is there clear communication between the director and other personnel? The same applies for the post-production team - get the experts who know how to use the complex software and have the ability to produce seamlessly. On Time and Budget! Look for a company that can deliver what you need, when you need it and within your budget. Look for a company that is known for fast turn-around times with great looking and eff ective results. Is it easy to work with them? What are their references, do they keep their service in-house? You want a partner that is focused on services, not making a profit any way possible.

Last, but not least, you need to work with multi-media marketing prophets. With technology advancing at accelerated rates, you need a video production company with a pulse on the newest opportunities. Pros who will optimize your video’s impact and will provide guidance every step of the way to launching your video! We live in a world where constant exposure to advertising is the norm. Consumers are tuning out unwanted static content. Advertising has become less effective.

It’s time to move out and excite your public, and Rise Above the N oise! Video is the next revolution. MadDog Media Relations is leading the charge!

What is Mad Dog Media Relations?

Brand development, radio, television, websites, jingles, social media marketing, direct mail, print and outdoor advertising, these are all tools brought together to speak your message, to form the connection, to establish the relationship, and to sustain it. 

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